Hitline constantly supplies refrigeration equipment to the Israeli food retailing. This time our company together with a partner in Israel has equipped a new supermarket in the city of Modi’in.

The design of the Super Ophir store is made in warm contrasting tones with a lot of wooden decoration, creating an oasis atmosphere among the desert.

The central point of attention in the trading space has become the island of cabinets “Indiana eco ASV 070 MTO 130-DLM,” equipped with end elements “Indiana eco ASV 070 MTO 130-DLM-TL“. Due to its’ small height, it became an ideal solution for choosing goods, contributing to the review of other departments of the store.

Frozen products are sold in “Yukon 2 MH 160 LTO 088-DLM” with panoramic glazing, equipped with a superstructure for accompanying goods.

Indiana MV 080 MTO 205-DLM” and “Indiana MV 090 MTO 205-DLM” multideck cabinets are installed to demonstrate and sell packaged products.

The line for the sales of packaged meat products and other delicacies is formed by counters of “Missouri MS 120 deli PS 130-DBM” model range. There is also a counter with a cascade layout “Missouri MC 120 cascade self 130-DLM” in self-service mode.